Professional Coating Application

Bach My offers a broad range of coating systerms that has protection properties such as fire resistance, alkalic resistance, shock resistance impressive flexibility and toughness. Which are adapted for different type of floor and needs. Also, it is eco-friendly and contains limited hazardous organic solvent.

Bach My is the Vietnam‘s leading specialist in resin floor, wall and coving solutions as well as other specialist coating technologies such as:

  1. Epoxy and PU coating, self leveling system.
  2. Antistatic coating floor
  3. Gravel coating floor
  4. Terrazza coating floor Epoxy
  5. Flaked coating floor Epoxy
  6. FRP lining service for industrial vessels, storage tanks.

We have succesfully completed applying coating for concrete floor in food  and beverage factories, car parks, manufacturing factories, electronics factories or packaging projects.