On July 10th – 11th 2019, Bach My held the 2019 Teambuilding Event for staff and workers at TTC Premium Ke Ga Resort (Binh Thuan Province).

This event is an annual activity held to connect all staff, workers, it’s memorable moments with all of members in Bach My family. This is also an opportunity to everyone has time to relax and takes a rest after working hard days.

The teambuilding games on the beach took place full of fun and excitement, all members overcame the challenges together.

Members join excitedly the games
Cute posing by teammates

Besides, all members gathered together in campfire night with full of emotion and sharing, and the flame was burning, it showed the strength and made motivation to all members try our best in the next time.


The members were excited to be gave the gifts for the teams who participated in the previous teambuilding challenges.

In addition, everyone also visited Ke Ga Lighthouse to feel peace in the natural scenery.

Through these activities, all staff are closer and understand each other better, everyone was always full of enthusiasm not only at event but also work.

Thank you for accompanying each other.
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