Client: Thanh Phu Co., Ltd
Main Contractor: Central
Address: Vinh Loc 2 IP, Ben Luc, Long An
Scope of works: Flat Floor Construction, Liquid hardener polishing, Ceramic Nano Coating, Apply HB500
Total area: 70,000 m2
Client: Tetra Pak
Main Contractor: Bach My
Address: VSIP II-A, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong
Scope of works: Concrete floor, Epoxy, Coving, Liquid
Total area: 23,000 sqm
Client: Thai Binh (TBS Group)
Main Contractor: Newtecons
Address: TP. Biên Hoà, Đồng Nai
Scope of works: Flat floor, Construction joint, Liquid hardener polishing
Total area: 50,000 m2
Client: First Solar Vietnam manufacturing Co., Ltd
Main Contractor: Tuan Le Construction Co., Ltd
Address: Dong Nam IP, Cu Chi District, HCM
Scope of works: Super-flat Floor Construction
Total area: 100,000 sqm